Are things feeling all stuck, scary, confusing, mixed up or perhaps something horrible has happened? Maybe you’re not too sure what’s going on or what to do to feel better?

I have worked with children and young people who have experienced many different kinds of troubles which we can experience growing up, such as:

  • Somebody important has died, this includes very special pets
  • Changing families, different people moving in or out of home
  • New brothers or sisters
  • Being hurt by somebody else
  • Seeing or hearing somebody else being harmed by another person, or in an accident
  • Hurting yourself, or hurting others
  • Feeling sad or lonely
  • Finding it tricky to make friends
  • Struggling to stay in school

Whatever is happening or has happened, by coming to therapy, we can get to know each other so that together we can help you feel differently. There is no problem too big or too small to talk about and we can do this in a way that works for you!

I don’t expect you to sit in a chair and talk to me (unless you want to), we can:

  • Talk online with videos on, or videos off. If you want to see me but keep your camera off, that is okay too!
  • Talk on the phone
  • We could instant message or text
  • We can write letters or email. This could include stories or poems
  • You can come to my practice room where there are games, toys and crafts for all ages to enjoy which you can play with in almost any way that you want. I can help with this too, if you would like me to
  • I can come to school, to your house, or another safe place indoors or outside
  • We can ‘walk and talk’ in a safe location which can also be accessible for wheels
  • All further ideas welcomed!

I expect you might have some questions; please feel free to get in touch or ask a parent or carer to help you do that. Take care out there!